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Readers' letters

July 16: Binmen told to leave elderly lady to struggle

July 16 2010

Today our correspondents discuss a council's unwillingness to help an elderly lady with her bin, condemn the violence in Northern Ireland and question the value of our laws when they can apparently be over-ruled by Brussels. One writer proclaims her support for Gordon Banks' bowel screening campaign, while another tells us of his pleasure at the thought of a daughter receiving a long-lost letter from her father.

Readers' letters

May 4: Good day for university to bury bad news?

May 4 2011

This morning our correspondents discuss St Andrews University's plan to refurbish the student union and the controversy ove the money it received from Syria, the probable repercussions of Bin Laden's death, the need for a proper opera theatre in Dundee and overtaking cyclists.