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Jenny Hjul

Words of warning for SNP

July 1 2015

It isn’t often these days you hear someone singing the praises of Alex Salmond, even within his own party. Since the former first minister lost the independence referendum and resigned as leader of the SNP, the Nationalist story has all been about his successor.

Jenny Hjul

No room for prejudice

June 24 2015

When Harry Potter author JK Rowling expresses an opinion on anything it makes headline news, so it was inevitable that an innocent comment she made about the SNP would become a story in itself.

Jenny Hjul

Let’s learn from England

June 10 2015

Who can we blame for Scotland’s poor performance in education, and in particular, the ever-widening gulf between the best and the worst schools? The minister responsible, Angela Constance, has only been in her job for six months, so obviously it has nothing to do with her.

Jenny Hjul

A descent to ruin is averted

June 17 2015

The announcement by Scottish Secretary David Mundell that full fiscal autonomy would not be granted to Scotland was greeted with relief by Unionists and, although they would never admit it, probably by leading Nationalists too.

Jenny Hjul

SNP doesn’t mean business

June 3 2015

If you are known as Scotland’s Bra Queen, it’s probably quite hard to keep a low profile. All the same, Ultimo boss Michelle Mone does seem to have a knack for self-publicity that ensures she is rarely out of the news.

Jenny Hjul

Nationalists would neuter our BBC

April 29 2015

Nicola Sturgeon’s warning last week that Scotland’s voice “would be heard at Westminster more loudly than it’s ever been heard before” has understandably sent shivers down English spines.