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Jenny Hjul

Jim Murphy an undeserving scapegoat

May 20 2015

Jim Murphy said his political awakening came from growing up poor in Glasgow and white in apartheid South Africa, where he moved as a child. He spent just six years in Cape Town, leaving to escape conscription. However, that brief spell taught him a bit about dealing with bullies.

Jenny Hjul

Nationalists will never learn

May 6 2015

There was one headline last week that had little to do with this election but should give every voter in Scotland pause for thought as they head to the polling booths on Thursday.

Jenny Hjul

Why would anyone take on such a thankless task?

October 29 2014

There was a headline in one of the papers on Monday advertising a strange job. “Wanted: self-starter to climb 3,000ft every day.” The role involves scaling, daily, the summit of the treacherous Helvellyn in the Lake District to report on weather conditions and the successful applicant will be paid between £21,394 and £25,240. Oh, and it’s just a winter job, from December to April.