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Food & Drink

The Bay’s Captain Catch of the Day

December 20 2016

Award-winning Calum Richardson of The Bay Fish & Chips has joined forces with Captain Catch’s Silent Film Festival, a festival designed to educate children on the seafood industry, to create a short silent film about The History of Fish and Chips.

Food & Drink

Byam has achieved his dream of being self-employed – with a little help from Del Boy

September 2 2017

Byam Trotter has his parents’ love of Italy to thank for his thriving local business. Unable to find a job after graduating from Manchester University, he was at a bit of a loose end until his mum and dad – Fife’s food ambassador Christopher Trotter and photographer Caroline – tried to recreate a delicious Italian fruity chutney called mostarda that had hit the spot on a recent holiday.