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Food & Drink

The Bay’s Captain Catch of the Day

December 20 2016

Award-winning Calum Richardson of The Bay Fish & Chips has joined forces with Captain Catch’s Silent Film Festival, a festival designed to educate children on the seafood industry, to create a short silent film about The History of Fish and Chips.

Food & Drink

Jamie Scott’s ingredients for success

January 7 2016

Anyone who has had a meal at The Newport in the eponymous Fife village will know that not only do you get heavenly food, the taste of which lingers on the palate for hours, but you also get a generous helping of Jamie himself. Flitting between kitchen and restaurant, chatting to diners and talking them through the ingredients of an immaculately prepared dish, this hands-on approach and passion for the food he works with are the key ingredients of his success.

Food & Drink

Byam has achieved his dream of being self-employed – with a little help from Del Boy

September 2 2017

Byam Trotter has his parents’ love of Italy to thank for his thriving local business. Unable to find a job after graduating from Manchester University, he was at a bit of a loose end until his mum and dad – Fife’s food ambassador Christopher Trotter and photographer Caroline – tried to recreate a delicious Italian fruity chutney called mostarda that had hit the spot on a recent holiday.

Food & Drink

Cocktails to celebrate Chocolate Week

October 3 2016

Chocolate Week begins on October 10 and to celebrate we've found the most delicious chocolate cocktails throughout Scotland. These sweet tipples are devilishly moreish and all use chocolate in an imaginative way.