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Jim Crumley

Madness over beaver fears

November 9 2016

The interface (to use a polite euphemism) between the Tayside beavers and some of their human neighbours is deteriorating into an inter-farce.

Jim Crumley

A song to set your clock by

November 15 2016

Even as planet Earth began to teeter on its axis in a desperate attempt to counter the effects of America’s decision to install a one-man wrecking ball in the White House, two events unfolded – as a result of which, you might say I was all covered in a scarlet light.

Jim Crumley

Why winter’s future is bleak

December 5 2017

Did you notice that last Friday, December 1, the day you hung up your advent calendar (because nothing says Christmas like chocolate coins), and the first day of meteorological winter, it got milder?

Jim Crumley

Dens Park is the past, not future

August 29 2017

I took a good long look around Dens Park from the vantage point of my season ticket perch in the Bobby Cox Stand – or to supporters of a certain age the Provie Road End.

Jim Crumley

A nightmare at Dens Park

April 4 2017

If you are one of those people who don’t go to Dens Park because you think life is too short and your time can be more wisely spent, you would have had some unlikely adherents in the Bobby Cox Stand on Friday night.