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Restaurant Reviews

Tahini, Dundee (41/50)

October 14 2017

We all have so much choice when it comes to food. Shall we eat in or out? Where shall we eat? What shall we choose? How would we like that cooked? Would we like any side orders with that? This week, we did choose to eat at Tahini, but aside from that, the decisions were taken out of our hands and it made a really refreshing change.

Restaurant Reviews

Kingarroch Inn (43/50)

February 18 2017

From the outside, the Kingarroch Inn is everything a country pub should be, from the pristine creamy walls to the fairy lights twinkling around a rose arch.

Restaurant Reviews

Torino, Dundee (42/50)

August 9 2016

Having walked past Torino many times smiling fondly at the Fiat 500 “parked” in the window, I hadn’t ventured inside since it replaced the Spanish tapas bar a couple of years ago.

Restaurant Reviews

The Tinsmith (36/50)

September 16 2017

On my culinary adventures across Scotland, I have eaten some spectacular food and try to always sample the speciality of the region or particular restaurant.  Throughout the years, however, there is one "delicacy" that I just haven't got around to tasting - the deep fried Mars Bar.  I noticed it on a menu in the centre of Dundee and I was sold - I just had to try it.

Restaurant Reviews

Hotel Du Vin and Bistro, St Andrews (39/50)

March 18 2017

Scotland is blessed with a myriad of independent eateries and insanely talented and creative chefs leading the way to Michelin stardom.  As much as I love haggis, neeps and tatties, there is so much more to Scottish cuisine right now.

Restaurant Reviews

Wilde Thyme at Glenturret (30/50)

April 8 2017

Over the years, I have been lucky enough to have been invited to some posh do’s and I am always especially excited when I hear Wilde Thyme are doing the catering because I know the canapés will be amazing.  It does means there will have to be extra planning involved as I’ll clearly need to position myself close to the kitchen in order to make the most of the passing delights but the effort always pays off.