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Farming news

Farmers call for better wildlife management

February 8 2019

Beavers, badgers and buzzards surpassed even Brexit as a bugbear for the Scottish farming industry at NFU Scotland’s annual conference yesterday when growers from across the country vented their frustration over what they see as a lack of wildlife management by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Farming news

ESF marks 60 years of trading grain

July 6 2019

One of Scotland’s most successful farm co-operatives celebrated 60 years of trading this week by inviting members to view their latest infrastructure investments ahead of the harvest rush.

Farming news

Getting a grip on beaver numbers

January 28 2019

If ever a modern-day example was required to highlight the problem caused by introducing or reintroducing a species to our managed environment without a management plan in place – the presence of unlicensed beavers in Tayside is textbook.

Farming news

Beleaguered sector puts on a show of defiance

June 21 2019

Scottish farming turned on style and smiles on the opening day of the Royal Highland Show, but if the findings of a new survey are accurate, the annual spectacle has become an elaborate façade for an industry in crisis.