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Breathing new life into Dundee’s historic buildings

February 25 2017

Abandoned and at risk of neglect, some of Dundee's most historic buildings have found a new lease of life in recent years. But is there scope for further development as the city reinvents itself? Michael Alexander investigates.


Hydro power’s remarkable story told at new Pitlochry Dam visitor centre

January 21 2017

Today, it’s all too easy to take electricity for granted. For example, how often do we stop to think that without electricity we would be plunged into a world of darkness? And yet for those living in 1940s Highland Perthshire this was the grim reality – only one in six farms and one in 200 crofts had electricity.


New book explores the Scots who left a stain on American history

December 31 2016

As a journalist, Iain Lundy wrote many historical stories, often on anniversaries, and it was always his contention that people in Scotland knew a lot about the rest of the world but not much about their homeland. And it was this that sparked him to write his first book Between Daylight and Hell: Scots Who Left a Stain on American History.