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Growing a brighter future

February 11 2017

A brand new project in Dundee, which has social design at its heart, is challenging people to get involved in massive experiments that will collect  data and build knowledge on growing plants and conserving soil.


Building the house of the future

January 7 2017

Ninety per cent of architecture writing and research is about cities. We’ve lost focus on the countryside and how we deal with rural hinterland.


Picking the world’s favourite colour

July 15 2017

When you think about winning a competition, I’d imagine that most folk would be hoping to win something like Euromillions, or one of those round the world airplane tickets, a brand new car or a year’s supply of one of your favourite (expensive) products – something that would make a bit of a difference to your life.


Designing Dundee’s Waterfront

March 18 2017

As the V&A and new Rail Station buildings rise up on Dundee’s waterfront and new designs are published for the neighbouring commercial developments, a debate has begun locally about the nature of architecture and how the city should plan for design quality as an inherent part of its regeneration.


Promoting a more inclusive society

June 10 2017

I’m the director of Dundee based charity PAMIS (Promoting a More Inclusive Society). PAMIS is the only organisation in Scotland that works solely with people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.


Steaming forward with Dundee Train Station

December 17 2016

Scotland’s railways are undergoing a radical reinvention and investment and Dundee railway station is part of that story – but it’s also a huge part of the reinvention of the city, of the whole Waterfront and of that central area.


Giving support and advice

May 6 2017

I was working in the third sector, supporting charities, but when I came to Dundee, It was in the middle of the recession , so I decided to start something up to help with the symptoms of a recession.