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Collectors' Corner

Football programmes hard to match

February 11 2017

SPORTING MEMORABILIA has a large following. I could almost offer an A-to-Z – autographs, boxing gloves, cricket bats, and on to wrestling, xtreme sports and z-z-zzzz, the closest to exercise I get!

Collectors' Corner

Amazing McManus astrolabe

February 4 2017

FORGIVE ME if I suggest Dundee has always been European in outlook; its soldiery enlisted for the Sun Kings of France, its learned folk studied at Leiden and Leipzig, its medieval merchants traded with the Baltic ports, and Juteopolis exported its wares to the Continent.

Collectors' Corner

Royal photographs soon snapped up

January 14 2017

I RECALL the excitement in The Courier office in the 1990s when an envelope was found containing original negatives and contact prints of The Beatles’ performances in the Caird Hall in 1963/4. Worldwide interest followed.

Collectors' Corner

Dan Dare rocket car is out of this world

December 24 2016

(COME INTO my brackets, I want to whisper. When Prince Charles was in town in 2013 and viewed a special exhibition of D. C. Thomson treasures at Kingsway – early Beanos, Hotspurs, Wizards and the first Courier of 1816 – he whispered to me privately that, actually, as a boy he read The Eagle.)