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Food & Drink

Jamie Scott’s ingredients for success

January 7 2016

Anyone who has had a meal at The Newport in the eponymous Fife village will know that not only do you get heavenly food, the taste of which lingers on the palate for hours, but you also get a generous helping of Jamie himself. Flitting between kitchen and restaurant, chatting to diners and talking them through the ingredients of an immaculately prepared dish, this hands-on approach and passion for the food he works with are the key ingredients of his success.

Food & Drink

Jamie is savouring the sweet taste of home

May 6 2017

Angus born and bred, chef Jamie Scott is the perfect person to champion all the wonderful produce the area has to offer. The MasterChef winner will be appearing at the Taste Angus Festival on August 19-20, cooking up dishes to delight in his demonstrations and serving scrummy street food to visitors.