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Amber Lights

Rare malts are a treat

July 16 2016

Among the countless rare malts I enjoyed while browsing around the independently-run Whisky Fair at Limburg were some I hadn’t seen on a Scottish bar shelf for more years than I can count.

Amber Lights

Whisky breathes new life into Lindores

August 5 2017

Many distilleries claim to be historical—the oldest in Scotland, the first licensed distillery, or whatever. However, a Fife distillery that opens this week/month stands on the site where whisky distilling was first recorded in Scotland.

Amber Lights

The naming of whiskies is a serious matter

November 10 2016

I have often pondered what mental convolutions a whisky firm’s marketing team goes through when proposing the name for a new whisky. Presumably the name would be in English, as whisky comes from an English-speaking country.

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Japanese whiskies – some of the best in the world

June 11 2016

Whisky was first distilled in Japan around 1870 but the first “big” distillery, Yamazaki, was built in 1924 after Masataka Taketsuru spent several years working in the Scotch industry, learning whisky distilling from the ground up. Since then their whisky industry has grown like Topsy and is today dominated by two giants, Suntory and Nikka.

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It’s all in the hooter

May 21 2016

A few weeks ago, Famous Grouse joined the ranks of the big-name blends whose chief blender is a woman. She is Kirsteen Campbell, who has been in training for many years and has been chief blender for Cutty Sark for the past eight.

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Deserving winner of whisky Oscar

December 17 2016

I often wonder who in the history of Scotch whisky has done most to advance the industry and its long-term global success. Frankly, it’s no easy question to answer, because the case for each historic individual depends on one’s perspective.