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Restaurant Reviews

172 at The Caird, Dundee (39/50)

June 24 2017

The past six months have been a pleasure and an exhausting joy for me as I have been experiencing motherhood for the first time.  That said, I am starting to feel that using an innocent babe as my excuse for not changing out of my jammies until lunchtime is becoming awkward - and have even accepted that I might be ready to start stepping out in the evening once again.

Restaurant Reviews

St Michael’s Inn, Leuchars

January 28 2017

Having a good “local” is usually part of the dream of anyone moving into a new community; even in these days when pubs are suffering because of the alleged predilection of the public to drink at home rather than in the public bar, a good, unpretentious, well-run “local” is pretty near the top of the wish-list for those setting down roots somewhere new.

Restaurant Reviews

Howie’s Bistro, Dunkeld (38/50)

November 18 2017

Apparently, we should never judge a book by its cover. Why then do publishers pay people large sums of money to design them? Why aren't all book covers just plain with the title printed in Times New Roman?

Restaurant Reviews

The Horn Milk Bar, A90 (33/50)

May 13 2017

As the lazy susan of foodie trends keeps on turning, we have already cheered the welcome return of dishes such as chicken kiev and prawn cocktail.  The rise of all things kitsch is another encouraging comeback - Bake-Off bunting is flying high and all the trendiest tables are once again adorned with gingham and pastel-shaded enamel.

Restaurant Reviews

West Port Bar & Kitchen, St Andrews 38/50

March 4 2017

If you lived in St Andrews in the early 1980s you’ll remember the Britannia Hotel by the West Port in St Andrews. Run by two spinster sisters, it was a sea of tartan carpet, and you were never allowed more than half a pint before being sent on your merry way home.

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The Inn on The Tay, Grandtully (39/50)

November 5 2016

Every time I turn on the TV or radio at the moment, I hear snippets about a Danish lifestyle word that is gaining a lot of interest in Britain - the word is 'hygge' and one of the translations is 'cosiness of the soul'.

Restaurant Reviews

The Anchor Hotel, Johnshaven (40/50)

June 17 2017

My husband was speaking to a Portuguese podiatrist this week. The way you do. And before you’re put off reading the rest of this by the thought of pedal extremities in need of professional attention, they did not talk of feet but of food.

Restaurant Reviews

The Steak Barn at Balgove Larder (40/50)

September 9 2017

With the rise of trendy and hipster places to eat where bare pipes and industrial lighting are a fashion accessory rather than a necessity, one could be forgiven for thinking that all examples of rustic chic are now contrived as they create the desired 'look'.  Recently, though, I visited a place where these creative features were organic, original and all the more cool because of it.