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A North Sea hop, skip and a jump to the Netherlands

June 30 2012

Until recently, whenever I thought of the Netherlands I thought of tulips, flat countryside and Amsterdam, writes William Lockwood. Occasionally I thought about the Cruyff turn. However I was vaguely aware of a nation that extended beyond that, so when the chance came up to see some more of it I grabbed it.


Autumn gold in Scotland

October 10 2010

Scotland in the autumn is a pretty special place. The tourists have gone home, the weather's still quite good, and you can sometimes feel you have the whole country to yourself. Jack McKeown spent a few days touring some of the highlights.


Loch Melfort Hotel: the west at its best

May 29 2010

Take warm sunshine, add Scotland's stunning west coast, sprinkle in some freshly caught seafood and hold those legendary midges and you have the recipe for the perfect weekend, finds Nora McElhone.


Fantastic Finns, super Swedes A Baltic adventure

June 4 2011

In the inimitable words of Monty Python: "Finland, Finland, Finland, The country where I want to be, Eating breakfast or dinner, Or snack lunch in the hall." It was with this level of searing cultural insight that William Lockwood stepped off the plane in Helsinki, ready to tackle whatever hurdles the country could throw at him, with a taste of Sweden thrown in for good luck.