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IN PICTURES: Myanmar, the second biggest source of opium in the world

February 5 2019

Fields of purple opium poppy stretch across the pastures and peaks of mountainous eastern Myanmar. Many farmers are reluctant to give up the profitable cash crop in spite of incentives offered. Myanmar is the second biggest source of opium in the world after Afghanistan, with Shan state its main production hub.    

UK & World

IN PICTURES: Massive litter clean-up at the Giant’s Causeway

May 3 2019

Volunteers help clean up rubbish around the coastline of the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. Swimmers, jet skis and small boats all helped to reach bays at the bottom of steep cliffs close to the Unesco World Heritage Site. It was the National Trust's third litter pick at sea in the area which is teeming with wildlife from pods of dolphins to breeding seabirds, porpoises and even the occasional orca.


IN PICTURES: The annual ‘Fastern’s E’en Hand Ba’ event

February 7 2019

The annual 'Fastern’s E'en Hand Ba' event on Jedburgh's High Street in the Scottish Borders. The annual event, which started in the 1700's, traditionally the first ever game was played with an Englishman's head, involves two teams, the Uppies (residents from the higher part of Jedburgh) and the Doonies (residents from the lower part of Jedburgh) getting the ball to either the top or bottom of the town. The ball, which is made of leather, stuffed with straw and decorated with ribbons representing hair, is thrown into the crowd to begin the game.