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Jenny Hjul

SNP doesn’t mean business

June 3 2015

If you are known as Scotland’s Bra Queen, it’s probably quite hard to keep a low profile. All the same, Ultimo boss Michelle Mone does seem to have a knack for self-publicity that ensures she is rarely out of the news.

Jenny Hjul

Time to pull plug on T horror show

July 13 2016

If you have teenage children, T in the Park looms every year to test your resolve. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been told, by my children, their friends and their friends’ parents that the music festival is a rite of passage and they must be allowed to go.

Jenny Hjul

The only way to tackle the dearth of opportunity is through education . . .

October 15 2014

One of the main claims of the SNP, and the Yes movement in general, was that it would use Scotland’s wealth to make the country a fairer society. Well, the good news for all those who support such a goal and who wouldn’t? is that the nationalist government at Holyrood can still fulfil this ambition, despite losing the independence argument.

Jenny Hjul

English can educate us

August 26 2015

Scottish schoolchildren need many things: a better grounding in maths and science; sharper literacy skills; greater access to university places if they are from deprived areas; teachers who are free to teach and heads who are allowed to run their own schools.