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Restaurant Reviews

The View, Wormit (40/50)

April 14 2018

To be in the food industry means long, unsociable hours, not a lot of time off and having to deal with the pesky general public.  It seems such a romantic ideal to run a pub or restaurant with one's partner as then time at work is also time together.  Could I work with Mr Kerry as well as live with him?  Absolutely not; but for some couples it is the perfect set up.

Restaurant Reviews

Tanon, St Andrews (42/50)

April 7 2018

The concept of "street food" is becoming more and more trendy and earning its own place in culinary respectability.  Its becoming a stamp of authenticity for a cuisine and conjures up thoughts of colourful market stalls in hot climates, serving barbecued meats and fresh juices to passers by. Can it really taste the same though, taken out of its setting and served inside a little terraced restaurant in St Andrews?

Restaurant Reviews

The Bird and Bear, Dundee (42/50)

March 24 2018

The eating establishment at number 2 Whitehall Crescent has changed multiple times over the last few years - The Tasting Rooms, True Pizza then True Kitchen. So I waited a while before venturing into The Bird and Bear, just in case it was gone again before The Courier went to print.

Restaurant Reviews

The Newport (45/50)

March 17 2018

I first visited the Newport not long after it opened and I can remember how I felt when I tasted the warm bread dipped in the decadent salt cod brandade. I recall how excited I was by the menu and how much I ordered as I just couldn't decide between the tasting plates.

Restaurant Reviews

Rama Thai, Dundee (40.5/50)

March 10 2018

Rama Thai is in a fabulous location and one of the first buildings you see when crossing the Tay Road Bridge from Fife. As it is now under new management, we felt it was our duty to go and sample their exotic delights.

Restaurant Reviews

Taypark House, Dundee (40/50)

March 3 2018

I have driven past Taypark House many times but never ventured beyond the grand gate-posts. The gin bar tries to pull me in like a moth to a flame but thus far, I have resisted. This week though, Mr Kerry and I were having a family day and decided to take in the view of the Botanic Gardens while having a spot of lunch.

Restaurant Reviews

Ballathie House Hotel (42/50)

February 24 2018

I didn't think I would ever reach the age when I fancied a drive in the country on a Sunday. This is something my grandparents do and  I rib them for it regularly. But, alas, that time has come and as Mr Kerry and I wanted a nice cosy lunch somewhere with our wee one, we picked a restaurant that took us on to the stunning Perthshire back roads.