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Jim Crumley

It’s the wrong Nobel, Bob

October 18 2016

The Nobel Prize for Literature is awarded (I thought I should remind you lest recent events have deluded you into thinking otherwise) to a writer in the field of literature who has produced “the most outstanding work in an ideal direction”.

Jim Crumley

Ecological disaster awaits

September 13 2016

This is what happens when a particular part of the country – let’s call it Perthshire for argument’s sake – allows one precedent after another to be established.

Jim Crumley

Birds existing in hillside harmony

January 31 2017

It is satisfying to know the special relationship still hangs together so well after all these years, especially given the increasingly tricky vagaries of our 21st century world.

Jim Crumley

Winter has failed to turn up

February 21 2017

The Insh Marshes, a little after dawn. Freezing fog, the back road in the lee of the northern corries of the Cairngorms tending towards skittishness.

Jim Crumley

More progressive thinking required

August 15 2017

Say for the sake of argument you are an extra-terrestrial from a galaxy far, far away, you just dropped in for a few days of space tourism on planet Earth last week, you wanted to know a little bit about the place, and so you picked up a copy of The Courier (why wouldn’t you?) each day.

Jim Crumley

Thrill of unchecked nature

September 20 2016

I have never really got Balquhidder Glen out of my system. I lived there for a few years and we seemed — still seem — to have an awareness of each other.

Jim Crumley

No fears for a Dens farewell

August 9 2016

The irresistible force that is Dundee’s penchant for constantly realigning its own built environment has always been countered by two of the most immovable objects on Earth.