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Amber Lights

Now is the time to nose out whisky bargains

November 12 2016

THIS time of year has always for me been a great time for whisky bargains. With the festive season nearing, every supermarket and off-licence bids to outstrip the others with special offers on both blends and malts – and other drinks as well – so I can only urge whisky fans to keep their eyes peeled and their wallets and credit cards well-resourced to take advantage of the offers on hand.

Amber Lights

Forgotten whisky bottles tell a story

October 14 2017

A former editor I knew once said to me: “Journalism is the only profession where you are never off duty.” And he was right. As a journalist, you never know when a chance chat in a pub, a fleeting glimpse of some cargo on a lorry or a dusty document in a drawer might lead you to a good story. And good stories are the lifeblood of journalism and, I hope, of Amber Lights.