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UK Drive: Volvo’s V90 T8 oozes electrified appeal

November 22 2019

What is it? Though electrification is being applied to cars for the city and urban environments, Volvo is keen to stress that big, heavy estate cars are just as ready for some battery-powered support as any. It’s why mild-hybrid technology is being applied across the firm’s range or, in the V90 T8’s case, full hybrid tech. We’re testing it out to see how a big estate car copes with a battery-electric powertrain and whether or not it detracts from the overall experience.


UK Drive: The Hyundai i30 Fastback N is a unique take on the hot hatch formula

December 12 2019

What is it? When Hyundai burst onto the scene with its first ever hot hatch in the i30 N, boasting of a former BMW M division man at its helm, the car industry was skeptical. However, it quickly became apparent that what the South Koreans had built was brilliant to the point of instantly becoming one of the top three in the segment.


UK drive: The Ford Ranger Raptor is a pumped-up pick-up

October 31 2019

What is it? Pick-up trucks aren’t quite the institution in the UK that they are in Ford’s home in America. Out there, the F-Series trucks range from huge to ludicrously, unnecessarily, where-can-you-even-drive-it massive. However, here we get the Ranger, which is rugged enough to survive farm life and plenty big enough for our narrow streets.