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First Drive: Volvo’s XC60 T8 Twin-engine

September 17 2019

What is it? The XC60 is the middle child of the Volvo SUV range. There’s the massive XC90 above and the crossover-esque XC40 below. That means it could either be a dull compromise between the two or the Goldilocks option, perfectly combining practicality without being too huge on the road.

First drive: Does the BMW X1 have what it takes to rule the crossover roost?

October 1 2019

What is it? BMW has filled almost every niche possible – ranging from family hatchbacks to luxury SUVs. But the crossover segment still holds a strong place in the market, and the German firm has been capitalising on that with the X1. Its entry-level SUV was introduced in its current form in 2015, and here we have the 2019 update.


How can I improve my car’s security?

January 17 2020

Making a car more secure sounds like a complicated process. Sure enough, there are high-tech security systems available through aftermarket companies and these often require rewiring a vehicle with a myriad of new features. However, that needn’t be the only option when increasing a car’s security levels.