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Readers' letters

READERS’ LETTERS: Cut climate change investment in half

May 23 2019

Madam, – Whilst I do not deny that the climate of the planet is continuing to warm up and the drastic consequences it will bring to coastal towns and villages in this country, what I do deny is that any measures taken by Holyrood or Westminster will make the slightest difference to the climate of this planet.

Readers' letters

READERS’ LETTERS: Scottish Government reporter system an affront to democracy

January 24 2019

Madam, – I am not surprised that Bill Thomson of Braco and SNP Councillor Tom Gray (Shock as government approves proposal for unpopular wind farm, Courier, January 21) are appalled by the decision of the reporter appointed by the Scottish Government’s Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals to overturn Perth and Kinross Planning Authority’s decision to kick out the Greenscares, aka Glenalmond wind farm application.