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Motoring news

Looking back at Rover

February 13 2019

If there is one name that has scaled the heights and plumbed the depths of post-war car-making in Britain, it is Rover. However, like so many other great marques of the past, it was sucked into British Leyland and, along with countless others, is no more. One can say it was a quirk of history that made it the longest-surviving name (bar Mini) in the BL portfolio. Of course, the Land Rover name lives on.

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Indian whisky is a tipple to look out for

January 26 2019

One country that produces plenty of whisky is India. One can assume that during the Raj, when Brits met at their exclusive clubs and ordered whisky—a chota pegg (small), or burra pegg (large)—club staff must have spread the word that this Scotch spirit was good stuff.

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Two centuries of positive change for the Scottish whisky industry

January 26 2019

The Scotch whisky industry is today not just big but influential and highly respected. That stands in stark contrast to the way it was seen 200 and more years ago. Government laws and taxation had driven almost all legitimate distillers out of business and illicit distilling and smuggling were rampant.

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Drinks survey reveals interesting taste trends

December 8 2018

A recent survey looking at which parts of Britain liked which spirits threw up some interesting regional quirks. Not that it’s entirely surprising. One tends to assume that tipplers in Torquay will have different tastes to pub-goers in Prestonpans or imbibers in Inverness.