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Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant review: Little Italy, St Andrews

December 29 2018

It’s been a few years since I last dined at Little Italy in St. Andrews, and since I was last there it is not so little any more… it has in fact doubled in size. I was always fond of this restaurant, but was worried that since it has expanded the quality of the experience would have been affected, but my fears were soon gone.

Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant review: The View, Wormit: 41/50

December 22 2018

Location, location, location? If that’s the criterion for buying a house, purchasing a meal might just have other priorities built in, too. Suffice to say that when you take yourself off to The View at Wormit, right on the river Tay on the Fife side of the estuary, you get location, location, location and good, good food.

Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant review: Rogue, St Andrews

December 15 2018

Tucked away at the foot of South Street, in what was formerly Drouthy Neebors pub, one of St Andrews’ newest and most exciting eateries beckons. Visiting on a rain sodden Sunday night, the wind howling through the West Port, Rogue’s understated exterior glowed invitingly with lamplight and twinkling fairy lights.

Restaurant Reviews

The Peat Inn (42/50)

December 8 2018

I have been interested in the details of food my whole life. From licking the raw cake mixture from the bowl as a child, to gaining the patience to make a smooth béchamel from an early age, the methods and ingredients have always held my attention.

Restaurant Reviews

The Italian Grill, Dundee (39/50)

November 17 2018

The season of celebration is creeping up on us and the closer it gets, the more sociable I feel. Office parties start appearing, girlie catch-ups are being scheduled and dare I say it, I picked up some festive wrapping paper on special offer the other day.

Restaurant Reviews

Chez Mal Brasserie, Malmaison, Dundee (42/50)

November 3 2018

Whatever our opinion of them, hotels are popping up all over the place in Dundee and with them come new eating establishments. I love a hotel breakfast, especially a buffet, but when it come to an evening meal, they can sometimes be quite soulless.

Restaurant Reviews

The Pitcairngreen Inn (40/50)

October 27 2018

My little family were out and about in Perthshire and looking for somewhere to grab Sunday lunch.  We didn't want anything fancy, just some winter warmers on a blustery day.  We had heard good things about The Pitcairngreen Inn and so called to book a table as we were on our way.