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Restaurant Reviews

Three Lemons, Aberfeldy (39/50)

January 7 2017

It was the twinkling Christmas lights in the window of Three Lemons that first drew us in.  It is a beautiful building both inside and out and the most recent owner, Jake, has kept many of the original features of the tweed wholesaler and country outfit maker which was in operation for over a century but the new and most important addition is his wood fired pizza oven.

Restaurant Reviews

Norn, Leith (49/50)

December 31 2016

I can’t remember when I had a better lunch and certainly not one of this standard for the price. I think that’s what you call starting as you mean to go on.

Restaurant Reviews

Castle Terrace, Edinburgh (48/50)

November 26 2016

With Courier-country being increasingly blessed with new posh restaurants like Castlehill, The Tayberry & The Newport, readers like me probably don’t feel the need to venture far from the policies to push the boat out occasionally.

Restaurant Reviews

Auchterarder 70 at Gleneagles (38/50)

November 19 2016

I am not a golfer.  I am not entirely sure of the rules of golf and I would much rather be presented with a potato wedge than a sand variety.  I was, therefore, unsure how well I would fit in at Auchterarder 70, the new addition to the Gleneagles Estate located inside The Dormy Clubhouse by the 18th hole.

Restaurant Reviews

Habitat Cafe, Aberfeldy (41/50)

November 12 2016

I like a nice cup of coffee as much as the next person but as the well-travelled Mr Kerry spends a lot of time in big cities with trendy-bearded-barristas and rare beans, he has become somewhat spoilt and I would go so far as to say a coffee snob.

Restaurant Reviews

Forgan’s, Broughty Ferry (40/50)

November 5 2016

Forgan's in St Andrews has long been a firm favourite of mine due to its quirky, warm atmosphere and hearty food.  The announcement that the team were expanding their franchise into Broughty Ferry therefore created quite a stir.  Surely nothing could beat the original though, could it?