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Cut flower for late summer

September 3 2016

At this time of year especially after a good growing summer, the garden is so full of flowers that we can happily take plenty of cut flower for the house without reducing the floral impact of our flower borders.


Bedding down for summer

August 13 2016

Every year has a different story to tell in the garden as no two years are alike, and one year’s climate can affect plants over several years.


Beautiful but deadly

July 9 2016

We grow plants for their beauty, and taste when we want to consume them, but all plants have a desire for survival so to deter predators many have developed a massive array of poisons in roots, bark, leaves, stems, seeds and flowers.


Summer rewards in the garden

July 2 2016

A two week spell of summer weather with quite dry conditions followed by a very wet week, was great for plant growth, but not so great for flowers. However this is summer in Scotland so we are in the garden on every dry day unless it is too hot when we then relax on the patio. When the rain comes I am back in the studio to crack on with my latest painting project.