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Please end the mudslinging

June 18 2015

People with an entrenched view that their political opponents are always wrong are weird. Seriously, anyone who hates an idea simply because it comes from someone wearing a different coloured party rosette is mighty odd.


Dundee United need to improve from back to front

December 7 2015

When Kilmarnock were reduced to 10 men and United equalised from the penalty spot in the 24th minute on Saturday, there would have been few willing to wager that Gary Locke’s side would ultimately hold on to secure a draw.


Only the dogs are happy when Fiona’s ill

June 25 2016

A lurgy strikes at the start of the week. It starts with a two-day headache and a feeling that things are not quite tip-top. A normally robust soul, I ignore the discomfort and try to muddle through.