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Dundee trams: Gone but not forgotten

October 21 2016

At one minute past midnight on October 21 1956, Dundee’s last tram made its final journey, drawing a chapter of Dundee’s transport history to an emotional end .

Blazing Saddles

Is the Strathpuffer the toughest mountain bike race on earth?

January 20 2018

Riding for 24 hours - 17 of those in darkness, in the depths of a Scottish winter - may not seem like everybody’s way to enjoy a bike ride, but it certainly has caught the imagination of a lot of cyclists and at 10am today hundreds more will be charging towards their bikes for the 13th annual Strathpuffer.


Help us tackle loneliness — share your stories of kindness

March 13 2017

Loneliness and isolation affect thousands of people, young and old, and can lead to serious illnesses including depression, stress, low self-esteem and alcoholism. In fact, one study found that isolation is more of a risk factor for disease than smoking and obesity.


Table tennis keeps Pat on the ball

April 1 2017

There’s something mesmerising about watching Pat Duffy and his partner play table tennis. A blur of bats ricochets the ball to and fro as the players dance from one foot to the other, keeping the momentum going.