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Time to thaw out Icelandic dispute

December 2 2016

According to the motto of our own harassed but still hanging-in-there BBC, “nation shall speak peace unto nation”, although at the moment, not so’s you’d notice.


The smart ones are in no rush for #indyref 2

September 3 2015

Three hundred and fifty long days ago we were all preparing for the possibility of political history. As voters set off to the polls, very few people were sure whether or not Scotland was on its way to becoming independent.


Putin leaves us all puzzling

March 18 2016

Mr Putin says the Russians have withdrawn from Syria but this is only partly true, since he retains a naval base at Tarsus on the Mediterranean and a multi-purpose military base at Latakia.


Tee to Green: Overrated, but still admirable

May 11 2015

Are Rickie Fowler and Ian Poulter overrated? Despite Rickie’s thrilling victory in what I like to call the No Apostrophe Championship rather than the third Major, I’d say, all things considered, yes they are.