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Jenny Hjul

There is nothing in cabinet reshuffle to suggest that anything has changed

November 26 2014

Scotland’s new First Minister has been much lauded over the past few days for being the only woman ever to hold her job, for appointing a gender-balanced cabinet, for whipping up the massed ranks of her supporters into a frenzy at a rock concert-style gathering in Glasgow. A newspaper launched to promote Scottish nationalism hails “a bright, brand new Scotland”, as if there had been a revolution or, at the very least, a change of government.

Jenny Hjul

Nationalists would neuter our BBC

April 29 2015

Nicola Sturgeon’s warning last week that Scotland’s voice “would be heard at Westminster more loudly than it’s ever been heard before” has understandably sent shivers down English spines.

Jenny Hjul

Nationalists will never learn

May 6 2015

There was one headline last week that had little to do with this election but should give every voter in Scotland pause for thought as they head to the polling booths on Thursday.

Jenny Hjul

No room for prejudice

June 24 2015

When Harry Potter author JK Rowling expresses an opinion on anything it makes headline news, so it was inevitable that an innocent comment she made about the SNP would become a story in itself.

Jenny Hjul

Propaganda being used in our schools to sell Named Person scheme

November 11 2015

When I was at school, touring theatre troupes staged proper plays. Hours sitting cross-legged on a parquet floor as over-eager thespians threw themselves into Romeo and Juliet might have been wasted on the under-11s in the audience and could have put us off Shakespeare for good but at least it was art and even education.

Jenny Hjul

SNP out of step over Syria

November 25 2015

David Cameron was in Paris at the beginning of the week to talk to Francois Hollande, the French president, about how to deal with Isil terrorists. On his return to Britain, the Prime Minister outlined defence measures to beef up this country’s response to attacks.

Jenny Hjul

Gridlocked in bureaucracy

September 7 2016

Scotland has a quango called Transport Scotland that, among other things, looks after our trunk roads. It also has BEAR Scotland, which is in charge of the road network.