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We’ve been enjoying festivals – and whisky- for centuries

December 22 2018

It is interesting how Christmas has in recent decades become the world’s most widely celebrated festive event. In countless countries, even ones where Christianity is a minority faith, or has no adherents, Christmas is celebrated in one form or another. And wherever and however it is celebrated, the odd good drink usually has a key role to play.

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Balblair distillery: walking in the steps of angels

November 24 2018

Balblair distillery, located on the southern shore of the Dornoch Firth, was for years one of those off-the-beaten-track, out-of-the-headlines distilleries that attracted little exposure — until it became the setting for the film The Angels’ Share.

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Whisky can be an acquired taste

November 10 2018

Whisky is, sadly, still a drink that many people, including countless Scots, do not really take a shine to. Indeed, Scots drink more vodka by volume than whisky, a fact that totally flummoxes any foreign tourist I tell that to. Scots drink more vodka than whisky? Come on, pull the other one…

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Dispiriting shopping trip for whisky

October 27 2018

I recently spent a week in Wales and visited the odd supermarket in Cardiff, Aberystwyth and Llandudno to browse around the wines and spirits department. It was a dispiriting experience to see drinks at prices they used to be, and ought to be, were it not for the Scottish Government’s minimum pricing policy.

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Whiskies that cost a king’s ransom

October 20 2018

It seems that single malt whiskies have all but matched the status of chateau-bottled great clarets. A good single malt, once the age statement is in double figures and the abv reading is 46% or cask-strength, has an aura that commands respect – and an increasingly high price tag.