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A clearing in the woods

August 5 2017

Rising from the north-east shoreline of Loch Tay, Drummond Hill is a sturdy little peak lost to forestry. Engulfed by evergreens, the regimented rows of conifers ensure views from its slopes are scant.

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A stunning outlook oft overlooked

July 1 2017

The upland country between Glen Almond and Strathbraan in Perthshire is dotted with fine wee hills. The best known of these is Birnam Hill, its popularity stemming from both Shakespearean connections and the presence of a long established and well-walked trail to the summit.

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Make your way along the May

February 16 2019

Still just one lottery jackpot win away from buying my own secluded Scottish estate, the opportunity to wander through the tranquil wooded policies of someone else’s is always time to treasure.

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Quick march to a military camp

June 17 2017

A century ago, Major Peter Norman Nissen, of the British Army’s 29th Company Royal Engineers, invented his eponymous hut and it has since become one of the world’s most recognisable military structures.