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One Man and His Dog lives on

July 26 2013

At the height of its popularity in the early 80s, sheep herding TV programme One Man and His Dog regularly drew in eight million viewers each week that’s two million more than the Apprentice final last week. Now, it’s lucky to get a million and a half for its one-off shows.


I wonder if the royals are taking notes for baby names?

July 23 2013

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet but at least if you call it a rose, you don’t have to go round explaining what it means, where you got it from, how you spell it and why you decided to inflict it on the unsuspecting recipient in the first place. Such is the modern way of choosing names for babies, some of which come perilously close to child abuse.


Beanotown meets Wayne’s world

May 16 2013

The dream of kids of all ages, from all over the UK and beyond, has finally come true. Thanks to a collaboration between The Courier’s publisher DC Thomson and top designer Wayne Hemingway, Beanotown, the home of Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx and a host of cheeky characters, has been brought to life at the Southbank Centre in London, as part of their Festival of Neighbourhood.