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Amber Lights

Unsung heroes of the whisky world

July 23 2016

One unappreciated and unsung link in the chain between distillery and your local supermarket or off-licence is the distributor. And the big distribution name in the whisky world, and indeed the spirits world generally, is Gordon and MacPhail of Elgin.

Amber Lights

Intriguing whisky ephemera tells a story

March 4 2017

Over the decades, thousands of brands of Scotch blended whisky have come and gone. Some have lasted and thrived until the present day, others have flickered and faded amid stiff competition and changing tastes.

Amber Lights

Horses, trains and ships: vital links for whisky industry

February 4 2017

Last week I commented on how the 21st Century whisky industry is widely scattered with its various stages (malting, then fermenting and distilling, and finally warehousing, blending and bottling) taking place at different locations —with everything being shifted between locations by truck. And that this is very different to how the industry operated 100-120 years ago.

Amber Lights

The boiler is the beating heart of a distillery

December 2 2017

The beating heart of any distillery is not the stills, or washbacks, or mashtun or the casking store. It is the distillery boiler, without which the distillery grinds to a halt. Hot water and steam are needed throughout the production process and, if the boiler packs up, so does the distillery.

Amber Lights

Working out the true origin of whiskies

January 7 2016

One aspect of the Scotch industry that I find amusing is how so many whiskies – mainly blends, I must add – are apparently bottled by obscure whisky firms that vanished years ago but whose names still appear on the bottles, usually in small print at the bottom of the reverse-side label.

Amber Lights

A weird but wonderful whisky combination

August 26 2017

Detective fiction, Norse mythology and single malts are not obvious bedfellows but at a recent tasting of four Highland Park expressions in Edinburgh, they all came together during a most agreeable hour at the Caledonian Hotel.

Amber Lights

Road network essential for whisky success

January 28 2017

Were one to compare today’s Scotch whisky industry with the industry around 1900-1920, several things would be obviously different. Volumes today are far greater, Scotch is exported to far more countries — while greater automation has decimated the numbers of people working in distilleries, warehouses and bottling plants.