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Jenny Hjul

We’re in Brexit, like it or not

October 5 2016

Theresa May’s throwing down of the Brexit gauntlet on Sunday caused the pound to plunge, brought Remainers in her party to the point of rebellion and prompted the usual bellicose noises from the Scottish Nationalists.

Jenny Hjul

Rates debacle for fickle Nationalists

February 22 2017

The SNP government has at last caved in to pressure from the Scottish business community over extortionate rate increases but only after mounting criticism within its own ranks.

Jenny Hjul

This ban smacks of an SNP distraction

October 25 2017

Nicola Sturgeon will have been pleased, on the whole, with the headlines that greeted her decision to ban the smacking of children in Scotland. While her government presides over a crisis in primary health care and plummeting education standards, the debate about physical punishment provides a handy distraction.

Jenny Hjul

Has SNP learned nothing?

February 1 2017

After all the tricky customers the Prime Minister has had to endure recently, the Scottish First Minister must have seemed a minor distraction.

Jenny Hjul

What Charles can teach us

January 25 2018

The recruitment problem in Scottish schools reached crisis proportions last year, with tales of desperate heads in Perth and Edinburgh begging parents to teach maths classes.