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UK Drive: The Audi e-tron is a genuine Tesla rival

December 6 2019

What is it? It’s been more than four years since the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal broke, bringing with it a pivot towards eco-friendliness and sustainability within the group. Given the long production cycles that new vehicles require, it’s no surprise we’re only just starting to really see the fruits of that change.


The 10 things you need to know about the new Nissan Juke

October 9 2019

The original Juke proved a smash hit for Nissan, ushering in an explosion of compact crossovers from a variety of manufacturers. Its familiar hatchback size coupled with rugged SUV styling and high ride height won over plenty of buyers – more than enough to warrant a second-generation, in fact.


First Ride: Honda’s CB125R packs big-bike fun on a smaller scale

November 8 2019

What is it? Everyone has to start somewhere, right? It’s certainly the case with motorcycles, where small capacity bikes reign supreme among those who are just starting out on two wheels. But more often than not, these dinky motorcycles aren’t styled to appeal to the audiences who ride them. It’s why Honda has introduced this – the CB125R – which takes the looks of a proper ‘big’ bike them and applied them to a smaller, more learner-friendly motorcycle.


10 of the best Vision Gran Turismo virtual concepts ever

November 1 2019

Gran Turismo (GT) is one of the most iconic video games ever created. When it was first released for the original PlayStation, with its endless list of quirky Japanese cars and special editions, it created a whole new generation of car enthusiasts.


First Drive: The new Renault Zoe packs a big punch in a small package

October 2 2019

What is it? The automotive industry might be in the midst of a seismic shift towards electrified vehicles with manufacturers scrambling to get new models out the door as customer needs slowly shift and strict emissions regulations come into play, but with the launch of the new Zoe, Renault proudly points to the fact it’s been doing this all-electric thing for a while now.