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Indian whisky is a tipple to look out for

January 26 2019

One country that produces plenty of whisky is India. One can assume that during the Raj, when Brits met at their exclusive clubs and ordered whisky—a chota pegg (small), or burra pegg (large)—club staff must have spread the word that this Scotch spirit was good stuff.

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Gin distillery’s delightful and historic setting

December 9 2017

Amid the current mushrooming growth of gin distilleries, I have long intended to visit one. That finally came to pass some weeks ago when I saw a gin distillery that, for all it was in the most delightful and historic setting, reminded more of a medieval alchemist’s workshop than a 21st Century distillery.

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Fascinating book reflects whisky’s nadir

February 11 2017

It takes a particularly strong frame of mind to write about a subject that seems to be in terminal decline — but that is what makes Aeneas Macdonald’s book, Whisky, so fascinating. It was written in 1930 when the fortunes of Scotch whisky were at their all-time nadir.

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Barley: whisky’s essential ingredient

November 5 2016

Two weeks ago I mentioned the importance of the enzyme zymase in yeast for whisky making. Today we look at that other indispensable ingredient – barley (pictured) – and its enzyme, diastase. Without barley, specifically malted barley, whisky wouldn’t exist.

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Time to look after one of our most valuable exports

August 9 2017

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) is one of countless trade bodies across the UK that is trying to prepare for the uncertainties of Brexit. Whisky is one of Scotland’s, and Britain’s, most valuable exports, earning more than £4 billion a year overseas and UK sales earning the Treasury zillions from excise duty and VAT.

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Now is the time to nose out whisky bargains

November 12 2016

THIS time of year has always for me been a great time for whisky bargains. With the festive season nearing, every supermarket and off-licence bids to outstrip the others with special offers on both blends and malts – and other drinks as well – so I can only urge whisky fans to keep their eyes peeled and their wallets and credit cards well-resourced to take advantage of the offers on hand.

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Time to cut back on whisky’s CO2 emissions

January 6 2018

The starting point to making alcohol is sugar in one form or another, usually dissolved in water. It can be grape juice, to make wine and brandy. Or the various sugars in malted barley, to make beer, whisky or gin and vodka. Or sugar cane syrup, to make rum and cachaça. Or honey, to make mead.