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Amber Lights

Forgotten whisky bottles tell a story

October 14 2017

A former editor I knew once said to me: “Journalism is the only profession where you are never off duty.” And he was right. As a journalist, you never know when a chance chat in a pub, a fleeting glimpse of some cargo on a lorry or a dusty document in a drawer might lead you to a good story. And good stories are the lifeblood of journalism and, I hope, of Amber Lights.

Amber Lights

Down whisky’s rushy glens

April 8 2017

Few people would dispute that many of Scotland’s best-known single malts include the word Glen – what with Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie, Glen Ord, Glen Spey, Glenfarclas and a host of others. Glen has nice connotations, conjuring up visions of a narrow green valley centred on a namesake burn or river flanked by rolling hills purple with heather.

Amber Lights

Distilleries lost in the mists of time

December 3 2016

One of my pet hobby horses is lost distilleries. Nothing intrigues me more than when I find a reference to, or artefact from, a distillery I haven’t heard of before. So I was more than curious to find a small copper still sitting in Glenfarclas distillery visitor centre with a plaque saying its came from Links Distillery, Leith, Edinburgh. It was installed around 1860, taken out of use around 1902 and bought by Glenfarclas’s then owner around 1970.

Amber Lights

The forgotten whisky heritage of Angus

November 19 2016

Today one doesn’t readily associate Angus with whisky production, although five distilleries once operated there — North Port and Glencadam in Brechin, Lochside and Hillside/Glenesk at Montrose and Glencoull near Tannadice. Today only Glencadam survives, part of the thriving Angus-Dundee group. Other bonded warehouses or bottling plants existed in Montrose and Arbroath, but all of them have disappeared.