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Travel: Yorkshire Dales

May 27 2017

I was thinking on returning from abroad recently that despite being lucky enough to have a day job globe-trotting to far-flung corners of the world, I’m also fortunate enough to spend so much down time in one of the most scenic destinations on earth – the Yorkshire Dales.


Travel: Australia’s east coast

May 20 2017

When I first ventured out to Australia in the 1990s getting Down Under involved multiple plane changes and flights within the country were impossibly expensive. I’m writing this now on Australia’s sun drenched east coast and I’m happy to report that times have changed. Getting to and around this vast country has never been easier and more enjoyable.


The beauty of burlesque

May 20 2017

Sequins, nipple tassels, fishnets and feather boas – burlesque dancers sure know how to put on a show. Gayle Ritchie meets Burntisland’s very own Brandy Montmartre...


Preview: Mobile

May 19 2017

Not many highly visual theatre shows can claim to have been staged in a caravan - but that's one of the things that sets Mobile apart. Gayle Ritchie finds out more...