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Amber Lights

Irish eyes are smiling when it comes to whiskey

July 22 2017

Until quite recent times, Irish whiskies came from just three sources – Midleton in County Cork, Cooley at Dundalk, Co Louth, and good old Bushmills in Co Antrim. All three belong to bigger distilling groups, respectively to Pernod-Ricard, Beam Suntory and Diageo.

Amber Lights

Raising a glass to distillery tour guides

August 19 2017

Apart from working as a journalist, I have spent many years working as a tourist guide. Many foreign groups I accompany around Scotland have at least one distillery on their holiday itinerary, others are just one long pilgrimage to one distillery to the next.

Amber Lights

Gin distillery’s delightful and historic setting

December 9 2017

Amid the current mushrooming growth of gin distilleries, I have long intended to visit one. That finally came to pass some weeks ago when I saw a gin distillery that, for all it was in the most delightful and historic setting, reminded more of a medieval alchemist’s workshop than a 21st Century distillery.

Amber Lights

That first taste of whisky can be deceptive

May 26 2018

Alcohol seems to be this country’s boom industry. Not only are countless new distilleries opening, but there has been a parallel surge in new breweries and—way down south—ever more new vineyards producing some remarkable wines.

Amber Lights

Forgotten whisky bottles tell a story

October 14 2017

A former editor I knew once said to me: “Journalism is the only profession where you are never off duty.” And he was right. As a journalist, you never know when a chance chat in a pub, a fleeting glimpse of some cargo on a lorry or a dusty document in a drawer might lead you to a good story. And good stories are the lifeblood of journalism and, I hope, of Amber Lights.