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Go Down Under and make 2016 the year you visit Australia

January 19 2016

Ever found yourself wishing you were thousands of miles away from the stress of everyday life? Well now you can literally escape to the far-flung corners of the globe with a trip to Australia and see some exotic places en route with an exciting stopover.


Condemned man used time left to warn of dangers

July 22 2014

By dawn’s harsh light, child-killer James Robertson paced his death cell and picked through the tinder of a wasted life. Remorse was his first thought on waking. Remorse for the Christmas Eve infanticide of his own child and remorse for the licentious ways that had brought him to ruin.


Politicians should not lose heart

December 30 2015

As the SNP leadership settled down on Christmas night to enjoy my book, Monsters, Ministers and Mayhem, they must have asked where their own literary careers had gone wrong.


UK breaks in 2016

January 12 2016

Remember when you were a kid and the promise of a trip to the seaside was the highlight of the holidays? Life in its simplest form - a bucket and spade and pokey hat (ice cream cone) and all was well with the world.