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Pieters stays sharp to chase Fisher at the Dunhill

October 8 2016

So weary he feels like he has to sleep for 80 per cent of every day, Thomas Pieters looked sprightly enough for the other 20 per cent as he remains within one of his lusty drives from the lead in the Alfred Dunhill Championship.


Tee to Green: No classic, but a notable 2017

December 18 2017

Yes, it’s that restorative fortnight when there is no golf anywhere in the world, so it’s time for the 11th annual T2G Bungs. No, I didn’t think I’d persist with this lame joke for so long either.


Tee to Green: Women need more than a day

June 5 2017

Today is Women’s Golf Day, an international promotion of activities covering 46 countries and something like 27,000 participants to bring more females to playing the sport.