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Alex Bell

We are a changed nation

April 21 2016

The SNP are like the political wing of the Rotary Club. There is something irrefutably nice and well-meaning about them. The SNP manifesto is out and it’s their best – detailed, considered and focused on important issues.


The smart ones are in no rush for #indyref 2

September 3 2015

Three hundred and fifty long days ago we were all preparing for the possibility of political history. As voters set off to the polls, very few people were sure whether or not Scotland was on its way to becoming independent.


A right sauce of discontent

July 29 2016

It’s coming up for what used to be known in news circles as the silly season, when serious stuff packs its smalls, takes itself off on holiday and all kinds of daftness comes out of the woodwork to entertain the lieges during what purports to be the summer season in this sceptred isle.


Games for a good laugh?

May 5 2017

Never having been noted for his devotion to political correctness, it’s interesting to hear University Challenge quiz master and erstwhile political hatchet man Jeremy Paxman reckons the lack of women in the latter stage of his intellectually rigorous show is down to the fact men simply like quizzes more.


Delving into the Amazon

August 19 2015

Online retail giant Amazon has long come under the spotlight for its supposedly Dickensian corporate culture.