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Jim Crumley

Returning to reintroduction

May 9 2017

Strange how the very mention of the word “wolf” does things to people. I never really understood the expression “fake news” until two letters appeared in The Courier in response to my suggestion that a natural solution involving wolves should form part of the debate about deer management.

Jim Crumley

Haste ye back, Dundee United

May 10 2016

This may not offer much consolation to the stricken ones from the other side of the Grand Canyon variously known as Sandeman Street and Tannadice Street but I don’t like to see Dundee United cast in the role of the Liberal Democrats of Scottish Football.

Jim Crumley

Youthful victims of ‘adults’

August 23 2016

Sometimes we use the word “adult” as an adjective when we mean thoughtfully mature and sometimes. when I hear it used that way, I think the English language has taken leave of its senses.