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Review: Honda CR-Z Sport

February 5 2011

Honda's CR-Z should be an admirable car. It's the first hybrid-powered coupe (apart from the original Insight in the 80s, which sold in tiny numbers), and it taps into an ethos that I like: why shouldn't people be able to own a car that's sporty and environmentally friendly?


Review: Suzuki Swift 1.2

January 15 2011

As a maker of reasonably competent cars that sell in moderate numbers, Suzuki is not a manufacturer that has generally troubled the thoughts of those who dish out car awards.


Review: Mazda 5

April 9 2011

Mazda's 5 has always been one of the better-looking people carriers. Its basic van-like shape is disguised with a sharp, wedge shape, lots of stylish little design touches and smart alloy wheels.


Review: Land Rover Discovery 4

August 1 2010

Sometimes you look at an expensive car and wonder where the money went. Quite often the cash is under the bonnet, in the form of a powerful engine. Other times it's inside, in the form of expensive gadgets and luxurious trim. With the Discovery 4 it's in both these places, but it's also staring you straight in the face.