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Alex Bell

ALEX BELL: It’s all pie in the sky, Nicola

September 6 2018

American politics has given us many things. The first opinion polls, the observation that “all politics is local” and the remark “politics is showbusiness for ugly people”. It also gave a name to politics which was so pleasing it was hard to object to: motherhood and apple pie.

Alex Bell

Moment lost in fog of war

January 4 2018

Before we leave 2017 forever, let’s recall a strange moment – a speech that summed up Scotland’s predicament in 2018 but which has been wiped from our collective memory.

Alex Bell

ALEX BELL: Change may boost SNP

June 1 2017

The SNP have not had a great election – but that may be about to change. Assuming Theresa May gave any thought to Scotland over the snap vote, it must have looked a good time to call Nicola Sturgeon’s bluff.