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Motoring news

Audi’s new Q cars

April 12 2017

Another week, another new Audi. Two new Audis, in fact. The German car maker has announced a couple more additions to its Q line up of SUVs. The Q4 is a coupe-SUV hybrid that will go up against the BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC Coupe. As its name suggests, it’ll be positioned between the compact Q3 and bigger Q5. At the other end of the scale is the Q8, which will go head to head against the Range Rover. It’s lower and sleeker than the Q7 Audi is also producing. In concept form, it sat only four people, although it seems likely the production version will be a five seater. There’s a 630 litre boot as well. Eagle eyed Audi followers will notice the only SUV slots left to fill are the Q1 and Q6. Watch this space...


“A very lucky escape” Yacht’s skipper swims 30 minutes to reach dry land after being knocked overboard off Fife coast

August 2 2015

A yacht’s skipper has cheated death after being thrown overboard during a dramatic incident off the Fife coast. The man was knocked from his yacht while trying to lower his sails while being buffeted by strong winds. He then managed to compose himself and swim for 30 minutes before reaching Inchkeith Island, from where he was able to flag down a passing pilot boat. The stricken yachtsman was then taken to Burntisland harbour where the coastguard was alerted. When the lifeboat arrived on scene, the unmanned yacht was circling near Seal Carr rock, as the engine was still in gear. It soon ran aground on the north-west tip of Inchkeith Island. The volunteer crew were then able to board the yacht to stop its engine and lower the sails before towing it back to Burntisland harbour. Crew member Mel McGarva said: “The yacht’s owner had a very lucky escape. “If he wasn’t wearing a life-jacket he may not have survived.” The man at the centre of the drama which unfolded on Friday afternoon is described as being from the Dalgety Bay area. He was checked over by an ambulance crew but escaped injury. * For more on this dramatic story see Monday’s Courier or try our digital edition.

Angus & The Mearns

Angus lifeboats launch to assist yacht in trouble near Arbroath Harbour

June 10 2017

Arbroath and Montrose lifeboats launched to assist a yacht which encountered difficulties on Saturday morning. A rope had become entangled in the propeller of the 49-foot vessel as it approached Arbroath Harbour. The yacht was toed into the harbour by the Montrose all-weather lifeboat and the Arbroath inshore boat after the alarm was raised just before 11am. The operation was completed by 1pm during which the rope left the yacht’s propeller. A Coastguard spokesman said: “The Arbroath and Montrose lifeboats assisted with pulling in a 49 foot yacht which had a fouled propeller in the approaches to Arbroath Harbour. “It had a rope around its propeller so had no propulsion.” The Coastguard rescue team from Carnoustie was also involved in the operation. A spokesman for RNLI Montrose added: “Montrose Lifeboat was out on exercise this morning. “At the end of the exercise the lifeboat was requested to assist Arbroath inshore lifeboat with a 49ft yacht. “The yacht had picked up a line in its propeller as it was entering Arbroath Harbour. “The yacht managed to free the line and enter under its own power. “The lifeboat stood by in case it was needed. “Once tied alongside within the harbour, Montrose Lifeboat returned to Montrose and made ready.”

Angus & The Mearns

Arbroath lifeboats help to free yacht off Angus coast

May 23 2015

Both of Arbroath’s lifeboats were launched this afternoon to assist with a yacht that had got into difficulty. The call for help came at about 2.40pm after the yacht’s propeller was snagged on a rope about two miles off the Angus coast. No one was in any danger at any point and the crews quickly freed the yacht from its unexpected snare.


Local model Elaine is the face of revolutionary luxury yacht

November 3 2017

  Dundee model Elaine Harris has recently returned from a photo shoot in Monaco for the launch of a revolutionary new super glider yacht - the prototype SS18  The Spirit of M. "It is amazing to be the face of such a revolutionary project, to have watched the yacht build go through its different stages and to be there at its launch at the most prestigious yacht show in Monaco," says Elaine. "With a tag line of ‘To get you from Cannes to Monaco in half the time without spilling your champagne’, no one has ever seen a yacht like this before - it is double the speed of other super-yachts, double the stability and double the fuel efficiency. Along with its futuristic looks, it caused quite a stir and Monaco which is famed for its rich and famous was the perfect location for it. "I definitely enjoyed the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera and I’m really looking forward to next year where I will out in lots of other exotic locations along with the next yacht in the series ‘The Limousine,’ Elaine continues. "Because it's so groundbreaking, it caused quite a stir in Monaco. It’s a British company and the boat was built in Southampton - the brain child of Robert McCall who is half Scottish." www.glideryachts.com Specs of the SS18 The Spirit of M: - It's fast (up to 56 knots) - Smooth (it has wave piercing technology and cuts through the waves) - It looks fab (All cutting edge technology along with futuristic looks) - 18m x 3.5m - Draft 0.4m - Engines 4x Yamaha 300bhp supercharged petrol engines driving 2 thrust vectoring water jets  - total 1200 BHP!     There is an option to have 2 x supercharged engines and 2 x turbines (HS18) which will be even faster with a top speed of 96 knots ! The SS18 is a day boat, it can take four people, a pilot and can even be beached. It has a price tag of £1 million. In December the Limousine (SL24) goes into production - 24m x 6m - Draft 0.65m - Engines 4 x high speed common rail marine diesel - Speed upto 56 knots SLX24 with 2 x diesel engines and 2 x turbines - up to 76 knots This yacht can take 12 guests, 2 crew, bathroom & kitchenette.

UK & World

Yachting boss acquitted of crew’s manslaughter

April 25 2018

The director of a yachting management company has been acquitted of the manslaughter of four sailors who died when the Cheeki Rafiki yacht sank mid-Atlantic.Douglas Innes, 43, of Southampton, Hampshire, briefly closed his eyes snd mouthed the words “thank you” as the jury, sitting at Winchester Crown Court, announced the not guilty verdicts.The jury had been deliberating at the retrial for 23 hours and 25 minutes.The yacht lost its keel as the crew were returning the 40ft yacht from Antigua to the UK in May 2014 when it got into trouble 1,000 miles from the United States.Lost at sea were all four crew members – skipper Andrew Bridge, 22, from Farnham in Surrey; James Male, 22, from Southampton; Steve Warren, 52, and Paul Goslin, 56, both from Somerset.The US Coastguard was criticised for calling off its search after two days but after protests from family and friends and intervention by the British government, the search was re-started and the boat found but without any sign of the four men.Innes, and his company Stormforce Coaching Limited, is to be sentenced on May 11 after being convicted at the first trial of failing to operate the yacht in a safe manner contrary to section 100 Merchant Shipping Act.Judge Douglas Field said “all options must remain open” with regard to sentencing.The jury told the judge it was “deeply concerned” about a maritime regulation guidance note and hoped it would be reviewed and tightened to help improve safety.Prosecutor Nigel Lickley QC told the court the yacht, named after a character in the Lion King, had an undetected fault with bolts holding the three tonne keel to the hull which then failed causing it to fall off during the bad weather during the voyage.Mr Lickley said the yacht, which had grounded on two earlier occasions, had been “unsafe and unsound” because Innes had “neglected it” by not maintaining it or having it inspected for several years.In contrast Innes told the court the Cheeki Rafiki had been regularly maintained and inspected with no evidence of damage to the keel.He said the yacht was taken out of the water for nearly five months in early 2013 for the hull to be stripped back and repainted as part of its maintenance programme.Innes said no fault with the keel or hull had been found and the yacht was scrubbed thoroughly prior to the its final journey.No problems with the keel or hull were spotted and he had not been informed by the yacht’s owners of damage caused during two groundings on two occasions, he added.

Road tests

Audi Q2 puts quality over size

March 21 2018

Audi’s Q2 was one of the first premium compact SUVs on the market. It sits below the Q3, Q5 and the gigantic, seven seat Q7 in Audi’s ever growing range. Although it’s about the same size as the Nissan Juke or Volkswagen T-Roc, its price is comparable with the much larger Nissan X-Trail or Volkswagen Tiguan. Even a basic Q2 will set you back more than £21,000 and top whack is £38,000. Then there’s the options list which is extensive to say the least. My 2.0 automatic diesel Quattro S Line model had a base price of £30,745 but tipped the scales at just over £40,000 once a plethora of additions were totted up. Size isn’t everything, however. In recent years there’s been a trend of buyers wanting a car that’s of premium quality but compact enough to zip around town. It may be a step down in size but the Q2 doesn’t feel any less classy than the rest of Audi’s SUV range. The interior looks great and is user friendly in a way that more mainstream manufacturers have never been able to match. The simple rotary dial and shortcut buttons easily trounce touchscreen systems, making it a cinch to skim through the screen’s menus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eQ5p5Z7-Ek&list=PLUEXizskBf1nbeiD_LqfXXsKooLOsItB0 There’s a surprising amount of internal space too. I took three large adults from Dundee to Stirling and no one complained about feeling cramped. As long as you don’t have a tall passenger behind a tall driver you can easily fit four adults. At 405 litres the boot’s big too – that’s 50 litres more than a Nissan Juke can muster. Buyers can pick from 1.0 and 1.4 litre petrol engines or 1.6 and 2.0 litre TDIs. Most Q2s are front wheel drive but Audi’s Quattro system is standard on the 2.0 diesel, as is a seven-speed S Tronic gear box. On the road there’s a clear difference between this and SUVs by manufacturers like Nissan, Seat and Ford. Ride quality, while firm, is tremendously smooth. Refinement is excellent too, with road and tyre noise kept out of the cabin. It sits lower than the Q3 or Q5 and this improves handling, lending the Q2 an almost go-kart feel. On a trip out to Auchterhouse, with plenty of snow still on the ground, I was appreciative of the four-wheel drive as well. The Q2 is expensive – though there are some good finance deals out there – but you get what you pay for. Few cars this small feel as good as the Q2 does. Price: £30,745 0-62mph: 8.1 seconds Top speed: 131mph Economy: 58.9mpg CO2 emissions: 125g/km

UK & World

This student took his Tinder profile to the next level by turning it into a PowerPoint presentation

February 21 2018

Standing out from the crowd on Tinder can be tough, but with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint a British student has managed just that – and gone viral in the process.Sam Dixey, a 21-year-old studying at Leeds University, made a six-part slideshow entitled “Why you should swipe right” – using pictures and bullet points to shrewdly persuade potential dates to match with him on the dating app. The slideshow includes discussion of his social life and likes, such as “petting doggos” and “laser tag”, and “other notable qualities and skills” – such as being “not the worst at sex” and “generous when drunk”.It even has reviews mocked up from sources such as “Donald Trump”, “Leonardo Di Capri Sun” and “The Times Guide to Pancakes 2011”.Sam told the Press Association the six-slide presentation only took about 20 minutes to make and “started off as a joke”.However, since being posted to Twitter by fellow Tinder user Gracie Barrow, Sam’s slideshow has been shared tens of thousands of times across social media.So, it’s got the seal of approval form Gracie, but how has the slideshow fared on Tinder? “I’d have to say it has been pretty successful,” Sam said. “Definitely a clear correlation of matches and dates beforehand to afterwards.“Most of the responses tend to revolve around people saying ‘I couldn’t help swipe right 10/10’ but I’ve had some people go the extra mile and message me on Facebook.“Plus some people have recognised me outside, in the library and on dates.”A resounding success.


High Court to review release of man found with drugs and air rifle at Broughty Ferry crash scene

October 29 2014

A man involved in a collision near the Royal Tay Yacht Club in Broughty Ferry was found in possession of heroin and diazepam and was unfit to drive through drink or drugs, a court has heard. An air rifle was also found in the Audi TT belonging to Ross James Ramsay, 32, of Ballumbie Gardens, Dundee, who admitted possessing the rifle while not permitted to do so. After hearing that Ramsay was out on licence from a previous High Court jail sentence at the time of the offences, Sheriff Charles Macnair remitted him back to the High Court for consideration of the release order. He also deferred sentence on the new offences until December 2 and remanded him in custody. Depute fiscal Donna Brown told the court Ramsay was seen driving erratically at noon on July 28 in West Queen Street and Dundee Road when an incident took place outside the Royal Tay Yacht Club and he was seen to be staggering on the road there. She said he was also seen to dispose of a plastic bag from his car. Ms Brown told the court a search was carried out and 462 diazepam tablets, with a street value of £462, and heroin worth around £900 was recovered. Solicitor Ross Bennett said he would keep his plea in mitigation for Ramsay’s next appearance. Sheriff Macnair told Ramsay: “I will remit this to the High Court for consideration of the Section 16 order (release from prison on licence) and sentence in this court will be deferred until after that.” The sheriff also imposed interim disqualification from driving and the Crown moved an application for forfeiture of the air rifle. Ramsay was released early from his previous jail sentence of three years and nine months, imposed in July 2012, after admitting seriously assaulting Alexander McLennan, of Longtown Place. Mr McLennan, 56, died after being stabbed through the heart in a street brawl on Kingsway on January 7 that year. Ramsay and co-accused John Cassidy and Steven Batchelor were originally accused of murdering Mr McLennan, who was also punched and kicked in the attack and hit on the head with an iron bar.

Angus & The Mearns

Lifeboat tows seasick sailors back to Tayport Harbour

March 31 2014

The Broughty Ferry lifeboat was launched at 3pm on Sunday after a 28ft yacht with four seasick crew members on board lost power at the mouth of the Tay. The yacht was on passage from Arbroath to Tayport when its engine overheated and power was lost. Second coxswain Peter Hay said: “The crew were suffering from sea sickness and due to the poor visibility which was down to approximately half a mile due to sea mist, they sensibly requested assistance via VHF radio to Aberdeen Coastguard. “Broughty Ferry lifeboat was tasked to locate them and after deploying two of our crewmen on to the yacht, the vessel was successfully towed back to Tayport Harbour where the lifeboat crew assisted in putting them safely and securely alongside. “This was a straightforward service for the lifeboat and the yacht crew were appreciative of the assistance given.”