Restaurant Reviews

Food Anarchy, Dundee (36/50)

June 3 2017

Aged 22 I was a naive cliché. Maybe I still am.  I thought I needed to find myself - do something daring or out of the ordinary - so I packed a rucksack, booked a ticket and set off to South America for six months solo.  It was the best decision I ever made and I wouldn't change a single minute of it.

Restaurant Reviews

The Meat House, Dundee (36/50)

May 27 2017

We are blessed in Scotland to have such a vast wealth of produce reared here and exported far and wide.  And we are lucky that plenty of the good stuff remains at home.  One such example is obviously our beef.  Scottish restaurants have been serving incredible steaks for decades and when The Meat House first opened in Dundee, it gave us another destination when a decent côte de boeuf or a hearty burger was called for.

Family Feeds

Five Guys, Dundee (5/5)

July 5 2016

What is it? Part of the Five Guys fast food chain, it’s a newly-opened made-to-order burger joint in Dundee’s Overgate shopping centre.