Fiona Armstrong

A haggis for the Aussie visitors

August 6 2016

As far as dog days go, it’s been pretty good. When the week starts the humans do not go too far, or for too long. The MacNaughties are happy because it means the pack stays intact.  With no-one anxious about possible comings and goings, it brings a kind of calm to the proceedings.


At least it’s only a solitary forky-tail

July 16 2016

It is during a routine window clean that a forky-tail is discovered in the house. This is a new word to me and I add it to my vocabulary while the creature is sent on its way to the garden before the MacNaughties can catch and eat it.


Happy to be home

July 9 2016

Hurrah, we are home, albeit still feeling woozy after all that time in the air. Three planes, six plastic in-flight meals, four quarter bottles of wine and at least a gallon and a half of water to balance it all out…


Only the dogs are happy when Fiona’s ill

June 25 2016

A lurgy strikes at the start of the week. It starts with a two-day headache and a feeling that things are not quite tip-top. A normally robust soul, I ignore the discomfort and try to muddle through.